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Content – Quality Over Quantity

Sometimes I like to think about the things I post on social media being similar to an actual conversation between people talking face to face. There are do’s and don’ts for both. And surprisingly, they aren’t as different as you’d think.

If you were to go over to your friends house and you didn’t stop talking about yourself the whole time, they probably wouldn’t invite you back over. It’s the same with posting on social media. If you keep posting over and over, with no interaction with your followers, and never try to get to know them, their likes, their dislikes, or what they like to do for fun, they’re going to unfollow you real quick.

So here are some quick do’s and don’ts to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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  • Each post should have a clear and concise message.
    • Share an update about your business. What have you been working on? What do you have planned for the future?
    • Are you releasing a new product or service soon? Give a sneak peek!
    • Did you do something amazing to add more value to your business? Share that amazing new certification you earned, or that course you took to serve your clients better.
    • Did you work with an amazing vendor recently? Feature them and their work on your page!
    • Holidays and “national pizza day” are fun to talk about too! But instead of pulling an image from Google, plan ahead and take a nice shot of pizza on your gorgeous Mahogany dining room table, or with your favorite thing to binge watch in the background.

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  • The 80/20 rule
    • 80% of your posts should focus on the 3 E’s
      • They should be engaging, enlightening, and entertaining.
    • The other 20% can contain a call to action promoting your product or service.

Sharing too many sales posts will be a major turn off for your followers and they will more than likely unfollow and unlike. Remember, that most people don’t go on Facebook to shop.Blog 1 image3.jpg

Use eye catching photos of you, your employees, your storefront, and beauty shots of your product, but,

  • Never, take photos from Google and post them on your page.
  • Never, use photos featuring another vendor’s work without tagging them. Every time you do this, you’re losing the opportunity to work with them again!
    • Don’t forget to tag them on every platform! When you share a photo you posted on Instagram to Facebook, tags don’t transfer over! Take the extra step and edit your post on Facebook to include all vendors. (And remove those hashtags! They don’t work on Facebook the way they do on Instagram! Use 1-3 max!)
  • And never, pull photos or information off Pinterest without crediting the original photographer or creator. It is NOT ok to pull a photo from Pinterest and tag only @Pinterest and not the original owner.

I hope these tips help you build content for your social media pages. If you’d like to schedule a consult call or your social media audit, contact me at

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