Emily is an entrepreneur driven to help small business owners achieve their social media and marketing goals. With a background in marketing and social media management in the automotive and wedding industry, she has learned the ins and outs of both service and product based companies.

Last year she became a certified wedding planner and was eager to start her career. After realizing that it would be nearly impossible to take on an internship while still being a full time student and working in marketing, she put it on hold. Instead, she started her first business creating paper flowers for weddings, events nursery and home decor. Although it becoming a business was an accident, it grew so quickly, and she started to build a name for herself in the Chicago suburbs. Her hobby became her passion and she knew that being in the wedding industry was where she belonged.

After doing this for almost a year, she realized that her favorite part of running her own business was managing the social media and marketing. And because she frequently got compliments about her social media strategy and how her business grew so fast, she was convinced that this is what she should be doing. So she started out slow, getting a feel for the market, joining Facebook groups to chat and learn from other Social Media Managers, and continuing to build relationships with her ideal clients – small business owners in the creative and wedding industry.

If you don’t categorize your business into one of those but are looking for a Social Media Manager, please reach out and you and Emily can decide if you’re a good fit to work together, or she’ll recommend another awesome SMM.