Free Social Audit

I posted this offer on International Women’s Day but loved it so much and got great feedback on it so I’m going to extend the offer!

Womens day

To celebrate small business owners, I’m offering a FREE Social Media Audit!

All you have to do is fill out the form below with your name, email and your Facebook and/or Instagram link. I’ll take a look at the links you’ve provided and give a few helpful tips and recommendations for your social media plan.


If you’d like to schedule a full Social Media Audit for $100 please add in the comment box, “Let’s do this” and I’ll contact you about your full Social Audit.

What’s included in a full Social Media Audit?

  • A detailed look at your previous and scheduled posts on Facebook and IG.
  • An analysis of your page’s analytics. What’s performing well, what needs improvement, what times of the day should you post to get the most engagement etc..
  • A look into your hashtags. Are you using them properly, and a list of recommended hashtags for your brand.
  • A link check – are you providing the correct, and working links on your social media pages.
  • And, a social calendar with recommended topics to post about that fits with your brand.


Get your FREE Social Media Audit