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Why is it important to hire a Social Media Manager?

There are a few other things that I wanted to name this blog…

Like, “The difference between managing your business’ social media and having a Social Media Manager.” But that’s a little long, right?

Or how about this one, “Just because someone is posting on social media as your business doesn’t mean you have a Social Media Manager.” But that’s a little more snobby than I can handle.

But it’s true isn’t it? There are major differences between posting on social media, and managing it. Social Media Managers do a lot more than just post and answer comments.

We learn, we strategize, we adapt. 


We learn. We learn about your business, your product, your team. We learn who your customers are. What are their interests, why do they buy or service with YOU, their wants and needs. What time of they day they’re online, what platforms they’re on the most, what kind of content do they want to see from you. Do they prefer to see offers and sales? Educational information? Behind the scenes posts? Do they only want to learn about your product/service or do they want to know more about you and your employees? Videos, blogs, photos, or something else? All of the above?

There’s a lot that goes into knowing who your ideal client is. And as a business owner, you know that better than anyone! But, a Social Media Manager knows how to reach those clients online.


We strategize. Taking all of the things I mentioned above, and even more, into consideration when posting online is great. But it will do you little to no good if you don’t have a plan. A Social Media Manager will have a clear and concise strategy made for your business. Not only is the plan important but we research hashtags in your niche and use them wisely. We post at the times that you’ll receive the most reach and engagement. We recognize shifting trends with colors, images, graphics, new platforms, etc. adjust and use them to your brand’s advantage.


We adapt. Social media is consistently evolving and changing. A good Social Media Manager will be watching for those changes and adapting their strategy to flow. Change isn’t always fun, but it’s inevitable. You just deal with it.

The algorithms on Facebook and Instagram especially, are every business’ worst nightmare. And they change often. It’s like as soon as you finally felt comfortable with the last algorithm changes, Mark Zuckerburg shows up on your newsfeed to announce even more changes.

Hiring a social media manager can provide long-term success for your growing small business. Having a professional in this area will do more than just guarantee an active social media presence; it will improve customer service, perfect branding, increase sales and much more.

We learn. We strategize. We adapt. There’s so much more that goes into having an effective and eye catching presence on social media. And luckily, you’ve found a pro who can do that for your business. So schedule your consult call, take advantage of the resources on my website and Facebook page, fill out the form for your free social media audit, and let’s do this.

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